Our story

We are a social impact startup.

Linda seeks to help clinicians prioritize the care of patients at high risk of breast cancer, avoiding queues and shortening the diagnostic journey.

Our team

What is it like to be Linda today?

  • Hope
  • Equity
  • Access
  • nonconformity
  • Innovation

We will not settle until we reach all women, in an innovative, simple, accessible, fast and better way to look carefully and detect any problem beforehand, thus ensuring a healthy future.

Our vision

Through radiomics capable of categorizing malignant tumors with less than 1 cm, Linda becomes the main breast cancer screening and detection exam indicated by the World Health Organization.

More than thermography, we are a network of courage and warmth.

Startup leadership

Luis Renato Lui


Rodrigo Victorio


Rubens Mendrone


Raquele Rebello


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