Artificial intelligence saving lives.

More health with technology, modern medicine and brave people.

Linda is the new force against breast cancer. Great causes require great leadership. Be part of this mission.

Concept Lifetech

The well-known power of the human brain combined with the potential of new technologies forming an intelligence network that generates solutions to major health and well-being problems, positively impacting the lives of millions of people.

Where do we start

reverse the scenario
Breast cancer in Brazil registers at least 20 thousand new cases per year, reaching up to 8 thousand deaths per year.
Expand actions
Taking early detection to all women, LINDA already operates in 5 Brazilian states. We already have more than 12 thousand tests performed.
achieve goals
The expectation is that LINDA will serve 12 million women throughout Brazil by 2027.

Early detection.

One-click prevention.

LINDA is an ally in the early detection of breast cancer. A technology capable of seeing injuries earlier, when battles are potentially simpler.

  • Low cost
  • Inclusive
  • Portable
  • Human
  • Trustworthy

Find out how different fronts can participate in this transformation in modern medicine

governments and municipalities

Have LINDA in your city by optimizing service queues and providing a more humane and faster service to the population.

Hospitals and Office Networks

Have LINDA in your service portfolio to serve patients of all ages.

self-employed professionals

Have a powerful tool in your clinic and make safer decisions through the use of our technology.

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