Easy model

100% integrated solution service

A unified purchasing process ensures delivery of Linda and everything needed for your operation without the need for any additional purchases.

Business model

I want to! And now?

You have two monthly plan options:

Linda Standard

Account with Setup + Kit Subscription + Cost per exam

Linda Plus

Account with Setup + Anamnesis Kit & Tablet Subscription + Cost per exam

The kit includes:

  • Clinical Adoption (ONLINE training and clinical adoption);
  • Exclusive application;
  • Insurance against falls and technical problems;
  • Operations and Controls Center (online dashboard);
  • Logistics;
  • Technical Support – Monday to Friday – 2 am to 6 pm;
  • Mobile telephony (2G, 3G or 4G, depending on the coverage of the location to be made available);
  • Software and hardware updates;
  • Cloud Infrastructure;
  • Maintenance.

Implementation model

100% service


Prioritizing, for example, the Health Regions with the lowest rate of achievement of the goal.


We take care of all the distribution and delivery of kits at service points.


In a model to be defined by the customer, operators will be trained and qualified in the use of Linda.


The operation starts gradually for adjustments and the beginning of the climb.


Through an operations center, the customer monitors and extracts indicators in real time.

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